5 Main Rules of Doing “Cheat Day” While on a Diet

Asbabsehat For some people who are on a healthy diet program , weekends are usually the most awaited day. The reason is, weekends are often cheat days . Even so, cheat days also have rules so that the diet program that has been done is not in vain.

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Is it necessary to do a cheat day while on a diet?

cheat day is a day or condition where you give yourself a little freedom (but still control) by “allowing” to eat your favorite food once a week.

In fact, some people, especially women who are on a strict diet, admit to having cheat days as a form of reward for their struggle with dieting.

The time and rules used for cheat day are different. Some decide only on weekends, some are on a certain day.

There is a lot of debate regarding cheat days . Some contra researchers generally argue that this method actually triggers unhealthy eating patterns and traps dieters into being more greedy because it is difficult to control eating.

Meanwhile, pro health experts think that it is useful to complement the lack of calories during a diet program, namely calorie restriction when dieting.

Cheat day can also be useful for the body to rest for a while. The reason is, you certainly need to think and calculate the calorie calculation for each food that enters the body.

Well, this rest period functions as reset that keeps the body fresh and ready again when it comes to returning to a strict diet.

Plus, if the rules of the day have been set on a regular schedule, cheat days can help you stay disciplined while living a healthy daily diet.

Mistakes that often occur during cheat days

cheat day can increase the body’s metabolism and replenish depleted glycogen while keeping the body in the fat burning phase.

However, the biggest mistake for some people is that they generally make it a day of “revenge” by eating unhealthy food lot of That’s what actually makes the body weight is not reduced but instead increases.

That’s why, before undergoing a cheat day , you must always remember the principle of excess calories equals fat storage. So, know the right way to do cheat days so that your dream slim body target is easily achieved.

No less important, schedule a healthy menu as a cheat day wisely because the goal is to make it easier for the diet you have been living to achieve your ideal weight , not the other way around.

Rules cheat day Correct and safe

elow are some cheat day that you can pay attention to before doing it. By applying this rule, all foods can be safely consumed without fear of gaining weight .

1. Eat healthy food

Not only when dieting, eating healthy foods is basically mandatory to do every day. So, the cheat day , make sure you keep an eye on the intake of healthy foods that contain protein and fiber.

The reason is, these foods can help you control your appetite but still maintain your body’s fitness even though you are limiting your diet.

2. Eat slowly

Even though you are free to consume anything during your diet holiday, remember to pay attention to how you eat. Eat the food you like slowly by chewing slowly so you can enjoy the taste of the food.

Eating slowly can help you feel full faster, you know! That way, you will give time for a hormone called leptin to send a signal to the brain to cause a feeling of fullness and pleasure after eating.

3. Pay attention to portions for diet

In addition to paying attention to how to eat, you also have to pay attention to the portion you eat during cheat day . The rules cheat day are basically the same when you are on a diet program.

Don’t eat large portions at one meal. So, eating a little but often is actually better than eating a large meal right away.

In addition to reducing the risk of an upset stomach, this will also help the body’s metabolic system to digest food easily.

4. Make healthy versions of your favorite foods for diet

Do you like pizza? Burgers? Or junk food and fast food ? You can consume all these types of food on cheat day . Even so, a diet holiday does not mean you are free to eat all kinds of unhealthy foods.

Therefore, you still have to deal with the food you consume with better choices. For example, if you want to snack on ice cream, try choosing a low-fat or vegan-based alternative.

Or, you can also try making your own healthy snacks at home. Besides being tastier, the food that you make yourself is certainly more secure in its nutritional content. So, don’t be lazy to explore, OK!

5. Relax and enjoy your day

Treat cheat day like a real holiday. Therefore, live it relaxed and don’t need to be too excited to eat the food to be eaten.

So that you don’t go crazy, plan ahead for your food choices on cheat day . Determine the food you like and don’t just eat a variety of things when the day comes. Keep adjusting your diet on a cheat day .

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