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Asbabsehat Although it is not necessary to know the whole body anatomy in detail to build muscle bodybuilding techniques that , you can easily reach your goal with exercises performed by applying

If lifting and lowering weights were enough to build muscle, most people would achieve the body they dream of.

In addition to knowing how the muscles in your body work with exercises, bodybuilding methods can be easily learned and applied.

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Those who reach their desired muscle mass target and are successful are those who know and apply weight training techniques correctly. This means that in order to build muscle, it is necessary to know the basic principles and some techniques that ensure their correct application.

Muscles in the human body can be divided into 7 groups: chest, back, leg, calf, arm, shoulder and abdomen. Here in this article we will focus on the most effective bodybuilding techniques that concern all muscle groups.

With the techniques described in this article, you can gain an in-depth perspective on every aspect of strength and volume training. Without further ado, let’s answer the question of what are the muscle building methods.
The Most Effective Bodybuilding Techniques

Bodybuilding principles are formed according to the laws of physics. When you understand these principles and exercise according to the rules, your body will be safe and you will get the best results from the exercise.

Instead of looking for a program that will make you perfect like a magic wand, you should aim to practice an exercise that strengthens your weaknesses and further develops your strengths.

Basic Principles of Bodybuilding

Exercises have purposes such as protecting cardiovascular health, gaining flexibility, increasing endurance, getting stronger and getting a better appearance postural.

With the help of the methods mentioned in this article, you can achieve all these goals in the shortest way. Now let’s explain these principles one by one and learn what they are and how they are applied.

1.Overload Principle:

If you want to grow big enough, you have to make sure that you apply the overload principle correctly. According to this principle, the body can develop only when it is stimulated above its capacity.

✓ The technique is also valid for exercises done both to gain strength and to have more volume and endurance.

Using the same weights every week will cause the muscles not to react and adapt after a while, and there will be no development. So in order to improve, you will need to try to exceed the maximum weight you can lift in each exercise.

If you do the bench press exercise with a maximum of 30 kg in the first week, if you cannot increase to 32 kilograms in the second week, you will ignore this principle. You may need the help of a wingman or a sports coach to be able to practice and prevent injuries.

2. Development and Progress Principle:

Another bodybuilding technique, which is closely related to the overload principle, is the progress or development principle. As the example given above, using the same weights every week will cause the muscles to adapt to it, so it will be suitable for your weight capacity. However, according to the overload principle, if you do not exceed the capacity, your muscles will not grow.

3. FITT Principle:

The word FITT is actually the first letter of the concepts that are very important in the fitness world. These can frequency , intensity , type (type, method) and time (duration).

According to the FITT principle, these four concepts must be included in an exercise program. Otherwise, there can be no talk of a completed exercise. Then, how many times a week, how much intensity, which method and how long the exercise will be applied should be determined with the help of a specialist. Let us explain these concepts with concrete examples.

✓ Frequency :

It is the appropriate determination of how many times a week will be exercised. For example, it is not appropriate for someone who has just started bodybuilding to work the same area more than twice a week.

Those who apply a split program, it will not be enough to study the same area once a week. For this reason, it would be more beneficial to determine the frequency of training with an expert.

✓ Intensity :

Let’s say you want your chest muscles to get bigger. For this, you need to do movements such as bench press, butterfly, incline bench press, decline bench press.

There are lots of exercises like this one to develop the pectoral muscles. Which of these, how many repetitions and how many sets will you do? This corresponds to the concept of violence. For example, if you are working the leg muscles, you may need to do 12 repetitions. While 10 repetitions may be sufficient for chest muscles.

✓ Type (type, method): You must make sure that you choose the right method to achieve the goal. For example, if you want to increase the leg muscles, would it be more effective to walk for half an hour a day or ride a bike? Not both.

You should prefer leg development exercises such as leg extension and leg curl, or more generally, fitness. Or swimming is the most effective sport to strengthen your back muscles and prevent herniated disc.

✓ Time : Indicates the total duration of the exercise. For example, you signed up for the gym to gain weight. If you follow the program given to you by your teacher for more than 55 minutes, it can be interpreted that you talk too much during sports or that your motivation is low.

If an exercise takes hours, you will not be able to get efficiency from that exercise. You ask why? Answer: Scientific research results are stable that testosterone levels drop during long workouts.

4. SAID Principle:

This principle is one of the most important concepts in sports science. The SAID principle, named by combining the first letters of the phrase Specific Adaptation Imposed Demands, can be translated as “specific adaptation to the desired effect”. In other words, it means that the exercise programs to be applied should be appropriate or specific to the targeted response.

The FITT principle is a principle associated with the concept of type. Accordingly, first of all, you need to correctly determine what your goal is. If your goal is to stretch, doing cardio won’t increase your flexibility. To achieve this goal, you must do stretching

5.Blood Rush Principle:

According to this principle, also known as the pump effect, pumping more blood to the muscles provides more growth. Giant sets can be made so that the pump effect can occur. The giant set is the exercise that is done one after the other without resting in between to train a region.

6. The Negative Gravity Principle:

The goal is to gain strength and volume in a short time with more weight or more repetitions. The way to achieve this is to keep the weights lowering time slightly longer than the lifting time.

Let’s say you’re doing bench presses. If you lift the bar in 1 second and lower it in 2 seconds, you may feel that your muscles are working more with the effect of negative force. Sometimes this may not be possible in every iteration.

You can get help from a friend when you lift the weight when you are no longer able to do 10 repetitions while bench pressing. However, the squat doesn’t help while lowering the weight, but can stay alert to avoid injury.

Its advantage is that it triggers more muscle building, and its disadvantage is that it requires squats. Not every workout should be applied to see the expected effect. For example, after applying this principle for 2 weeks, you can stay away for 6 weeks.
Bodybuilding Methods

As a requirement of the overload principle, you need to continue your weight training after the exhaustion point.

✓ Studies show that repetitions after exhaustion provide more intense stimulation and, as a result, trigger more muscle building.

The bodybuilding techniques that are very important in sports science and bodybuilding and that enable the application of the basic principles described above to be better and more effective and that can take you beyond the point of exhaustion are summarized below:

1. Cheat Reps Technique:

In English, it is called cheat reps. This method, also known as deception, means completing the exercises by getting support from your body or a winger when you start to feel that you are exhausted while doing a move.

It is more beneficial to do trick exercises at the end of the workout instead of doing less exercise before reaching a number of repetitions. This technique is one of the most effective techniques used by Arnold and mentioned in his videos.

Technique: Known as forced reps, this bodybuilding technique is also related to the negative gravity principle. Just as a helper is needed while applying this principle, a helper is needed for forced repetition. It is another version of the fraudulent repetitions method.

It means getting help from someone else, not your body, especially when lifting weights at the point of exhaustion. However, the aid should only be light enough to prevent you from falling on the bar and should be applied while pushing the weight up.

3. Pyramid Technique:

It is also known as the holistic working technique. It is among the techniques of surprising the muscles, especially for athletes who are at intermediate and advanced levels and whose development slows down.

The one of the most applied techniques in gyms to increase muscle mass. Systematically, the number of repetitions is decreased while the weight is increased in each set. For example, let’s embody the example on the bench press.

Set 1: 50 kg x 14 reps
Next : 60 kg x 12 reps
Then : 70 kg x 10 reps
Last : 80 kg x 8 reps

The point to be considered in this example is whether there is any difficulty in doing the 14th repetition while starting with 50 kg in the first set. If there is no strain, you may need to increase the mass a little more than 50 kilograms for the first set. This technique can also be applied as an inverted pyramid.

You can start with 80 kg x 8 repetitions in the first set and 50 kg x 14 repetitions in the last set. The goal here is to create a more pumping effect by alternately applying a pyramid and an inverted pyramid.

3.Drop Sets (Reducing Weight) Technique:

According to this method, the weights of the masses used in each set are reduced and the second set is passed without waiting. It has been a technique most often recommended by Arnold in the bodybuilding literature.

To give an example through the famous and indispensable chest movement, if you put 5 equal plates on the bar in the first set, in the second set, your wing will immediately throw one of the plates and you will immediately move on to the second set without resting.

If you do it yourself, you will be rested and it will not be effective. The downside is that it requires working together.

4. Superset Technique:

After the exercise for one area is done to create more stretching and pumping effect, the exercise of another region is started. For example, after biceps exercise, it is to switch to triceps exercise after a minimum rest period.

The giant set technique was explained above in the section titled the principle of blood rush. Look how well Bilgehan Koç, the king of bodybuilding, explained these techniques.

With the weight training techniques described above, you can achieve the body you dream of in a shorter way, but you should get help from your sports instructor or an experienced friend to prevent injuries while applying these bodybuilding techniques.
Bodybuilding Techniques at Home

One of the most curious subjects for those who are new to muscle building is “Is it possible to build bodybuilding at home?” is the question. Of course, it is possible with home muscle building techniques, but you need to get help from an expert.

For effective home bodybuilding methods, you muscle building ways at home can refer to our article titled

that will enable you to build muscle in a short time bodybuilding techniques . in this muscle building guide that we offer to the best bodybuilding methods you, it is possible to build up to 2 kilos in 1 month. Just don’t give up and be determined. Good luck.

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