Diet or Healthy Eating Program?

Asbabsehat If you eat healthy, you can continue to live happily and healthily, regardless of diet or nutrition program.

One of the most discussed topics in recent days is about the names to be given to nutrition plans. Many people find the word diet cold and repulsive. For this reason, it is healthy eating program more logical and rational to call it But many people do not know the distinction or the sameness between the two.

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Unfortunately, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to diet is weight loss diets and bans. diet and healthy eating program , it should be known that there is no difference in meaning between Diet; literally, it describes the structure and plan created by the foods that the person consumes throughout the day. Just like the nutrition program . However, since diet therapy (the modern name of medical nutrition therapy) is applied in various diseases, nutrition program may become a more appropriate term for healthy people.

There is no point in creating confusion for these two words. The important thing is that healthy eating habits become a lifestyle. If you eat rationally, you can continue to live happily and healthily, regardless of diet or nutrition program.

The Diet Isn’t Popular!

Would you be surprised if we told you that there is no such thing as a popular diet, even though the popular diet trend is on its way?

Diets called popular diets are standard diets that are not prepared according to the characteristics of the person and are inflated with some advertisements for the moment. However, diets and nutrition programs are personal . People who want to eat rationally; they prefer a nutrition program that is suitable for their age, gender, health status and nutritional habits and avoid applying a standard diet.

Common Characteristics of Popular Diets

Being Low or Very Low in Calories

The common feature of standard diets is that many of them are low or very low in calories. Calorie-free fasting diets can also be examined in this group. These features of standard diets can cause the metabolism to slow down. The slowing down of metabolism is a situation that causes difficulty in weight management in the following periods.

Being Boring and Not Sustainable

Standard diets generally contain the same nutrients and there is no possibility to change these nutrients. Consuming the same foods all the time is boring, and it also leads the individual to a single type of diet. Therefore, it is impossible to maintain these diets for a long time.

Being Unhealthy and Impairing Health

Almost all popular diets are unhealthy. Harmful effects continue throughout the time they are applied and even after diets are discontinued. standard diets; It can cause disorders in many systems from metabolism to the digestive system. It can increase the risk of heart attack and sudden death many times.

Reversible Weight Loss

Standard diets cause the weight to be regained by the earthquake they create in the metabolism. Weight lost with low-calorie balloon diets is borrowed and is regained with interest. The body, which has been accustomed to taking low calories for a long time, starts to gain weight due to the high calories taken when the diet is stopped.

Shock Diet Dangerous

Rapid weight loss threatens health. Shock diets first deflate our body like a balloon and then prepare the ground for it to inflate.

We are once again faced with the rush to quickly lose the weight gained due to inactivity in the winter. This anxious mood causes fake shock diets to mushroom like in the current period. As a society, we always find excuses to activate the slimming sector and shock diet lay the groundwork for the creation In order to get rid of our excess weight, we turn to low-weight, single-food-based shock diets. Because we eat more, burn less, and store more energy. However, the important thing here is to remember that everyone has a different build, weight, height and genetic inheritance.

“Shock diets first deflate our body like a balloon and then prepare the ground for it to inflate rapidly. When you start following such diets, you will lose weight fast, but it will take a short time.” Dietician Nil Şahin Gürhan points out that these diets are very low in calories. When our body adapts to this low calorie, it responds by reducing the energy it spends and weight loss stops, so the metabolism slows down. However, nutritional deficiencies occur due to insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals. Gürhan said, “It is not so easy to accelerate a slowing metabolism. For this reason, the metabolism of those who follow such diets does not easily regain their old state. Correcting the lack of nutrients in their bodies takes time. Their body structures become softer and more drooping than normal people.” says.

The Harms of Shock Diets

Shock diets threaten our health with their negative effects from head to toe. Dietitian Nil Şahin Gürhan summarizes the damages they can cause according to the systems in our body as follows;

Nervous System: Hallucinations, depression, forgetfulness.

Respiratory System: Apnea (short respiratory arrest), difficulty breathing.

Digestive System: Swallowing difficulties, loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, digestive system pains.

Circulatory System: Circulatory disorders, low blood pressure, hypotension due to posture (low blood pressure according to posture), sudden heart attack.

Endocrine System: Hormonal disorders, low blood sugar.

Nutritional Deficiencies: Hair loss, dryness and cracks in the skin, flaking of the skin, pale skin color, anemia.

Don’t Get Into the Yo-Yo Loop

The rapid destruction of the stores in the body can increase blood, cholesterol and triglyceride values ​​and increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease in the future. Constantly applied shock diets usually provide rapid weight loss in a short time. After reaching the desired weight, the diet is stopped. When the diet is abandoned, the foods that are deprived are consumed in an exaggerated and unbalanced way, and the energy taken into the body by food suddenly increases. As a result of taking more energy from the energy spent, the weight lost with the effect of slowing metabolism is regained quickly and more.

The person who gets bored with the return of the lost weight starts dieting again. This cycle, which is very difficult to get out of, is called the Yo-Yo cycle. Getting stuck in this cycle not only destroys your health but also your morale. The healthiest way to get rid of this situation; approaching it realistically and making healthy eating a lifestyle by avoiding shock diets that promise miracles.

Boosting Metabolism Instead of a Shock Diet

Diet emphasizes the importance of asking the right question when starting a diet, giving the right answer and eating accordingly. For example, “What should be done to activate the metabolism instead of a shock diet?” It’s the right question to ask ourselves.

  • Don’t be fooled by colors, shapes, names and unbelievable promises. In order not to lose your health while trying to lose weight, keep your feet firmly on the ground and be realistic.
  • Remember that losing weight and maintaining it is serious and important work. Excess weight is a serious problem and accept that it can never be solved with a 2-3 day trick like shock diets.
  • Group the foods. Find out what foods the groups include. For this, you can take a look at our Food Groups article.
  • Be patient, do not rush. Your goal should be to lose fat and maintain your success for a long time.
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