Lose belly: slim down when you’re a man

Asbabsehat Most men have a so-called android morphology: when they gain weight, their excess fat is stored in the abdomen. A good diet based on the Mediterranean diet combined with physical activity is a solution to losing this excess weight. Advice from nutritionist Dr Arnaud Cocaul and sports coach Jonathan Di Noto.

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Weight gain in the stomach: specificities between men and women

Men and women store fat differently. “For hormonal reasons, men, who have an android morphology, take on more belly. To prevent a possible pregnancy, women take on fat below the belt, they are gynoid”, indicates Dr Arnaud Cocaul, nutritionist . Some exceptions exist: men can take on the buttocks and thighs and women store fat on the belly. In any case, weight gain can come from several origins. “It can be linked to junk food with excess fat, sugar, salt, processed foods. Other risk factors are also age because fat is stored more easily, lack of physical exercise or of sleep”, continues the doctor.

When the Body Mass Index is greater than 30, we speak of obesity. It is necessary to be taken care of and to have a health check. “There is a battery of examinations to be done and a set of specialists to be seen possibly such as a rheumatologist, a gastroenterologist, a pulmonologist, an endocrinologist, a psychologist and a cardiologist”. that Inserm it is important to prevent the development of this disease, the consequences of which can be fatal.

A better diet to lose belly fat

Men lose weight more easily than women. ” It comes from fat cells. They represent all the adipocytes that store fat. Men and women have them, but the difference is that there is a multiplication of fat cells in women while they are content to swell in the man”.

And that weight loss starts with eating better. “We must go back to basics! Eat more slowly at specific times, chew well, have good oral health, do not watch screens during meals” informs Dr. Cocaul.

Regarding the contents of the plate, he advises to follow the Mediterranean diet, also called the Cretan diet . It is associated with lower mortality and a lower incidence of cardio-metabolic diseases, according to the Vidal . Put forward by the National Health Nutrition Program (PNNS), a public health plan that aims to improve the state of health of the population by acting on nutrition, it consists of:

  • Give pride of place to vegetables;
  • Cook with olive oil but in limited quantities;
  • Consume fruit;
  • Cook yourself;
  • Eat fish and seafood twice a week;
  • Prefer whole grains and legumes;
  • Focus on nuts and oilseeds for snacks;
  • Season with herbs and spices.

Regarding foods to avoid, it is recommended to limit:

  • Meat, especially red meat;
  • Eggs and dairy products should be consumed without excess;
  • Refined sugars;
  • Alcohol (no more than two glasses a day and not every day);
  • Fast food and delivered meals;
  • Ultra-processed products such as cordon bleu, frozen pizzas or even industrial chocolate bars.

Sport to speed up the process

The main solution for losing belly fat is based on food rebalancing oriented towards the Mediterranean diet. But associated with physical activity, the results will be visible more quickly. “At first, you mainly have to move: ride a bike to get around, take the stairs instead of taking the elevator… Be careful, you don’t pass at all or nothing, you go slowly so as not to risk the In case of obesity, it is advisable to seek the advice of your doctor”, suggests Dr Arnaud Cocaul.

“Physical activity plays a secondary role, which is important all the same. The goal is to increase physical activity to lose fat ,” explains Jonathan DI NOTO, flat stomach coach with Owsport . “If this last head, as a reminder, cannot be targeted , the solicitation of the abdominal muscles makes it possible to have a better physical appearance at the level of the belly” adds the specialist. “For this, it is interesting to build up your rectus abdominis, obliques and transverse muscles, somewhat barbaric names often grouped under the term abdominals”.

Jonathan Di Noto advises two types of session to lose belly.

The first, classic cardio of more than 40 minutes of effort at moderate intensity, or HIIT sessions. It is a sequence of high intensity bodybuilding exercises and in short time intervals with sessions lasting less than half an hour. “To tap into our fat reserves, a source of energy, both types of session have been scientifically proven. Classic cardio must exceed 40 minutes for the body to start taking energy from fat and not from muscle glucose. Regarding HIIT, the fact of carrying out a very intense effort in a short time enormously depletes our glucose reserves. The body will then seek in the fats for its recovery once the session is over” , deciphers the sports coach.

What type of cardio do you prefer?

The sports coach advises performing cardio exercises that activate a large muscle group to increase energy expenditure. “The rowing machine is a good exercise, the same for running, swimming or even cycling. For my part, I prefer to choose according to the tastes of the athletes so that they are always motivated to carry out cardio sessions, and also based on their sports/medical history” . Dr. Cocaul approves: “The room coaches tend to standardize the speech, while some know how to adapt a particular program”. It is recommended to do 3 sessions per week with at least one day between each session.

muscle building exercises at home

Here are three exercises that coach Jonathan Di Noto offers to lose belly fat:

Exercise n°1: The Reverse Crunch .

“Lie down on your back, placing your hands under your buttocks. Your shoulders should not touch the ground. Bring your knees close to your chest by voluntarily contracting your abdominals. Slowly release the contraction then chain the repetitions. For the more adventurous , you can perform this movement with straight legs” .

Exercise n°2: The Russian twist

It strengthens the whole of the abdominals. “Sitting on your buttocks, stretch your legs forward without touching the ground. Your bust is leaning slightly backwards. Move your hands from left to right to touch the ground”.

Exercice n°3 : Le Hollow hold .

“This is a sheathing of the abdominal strap. Therefore, lie on your back then stretch your legs forward and up. Then stretch your arms backwards and up while taking off the shoulders and contracting the abdominal strap. The goal is to keep this position static”.

For this kind of bodyweight exercises, the specialist suggests focusing on muscle strengthening. He suggests a number of repetitions between 10 and 20 with 3 to 6 sets. Recovery between sets is short, about 30 seconds to 1 minute. “For sheathing, do several sets to reach 3 minutes in total” , he suggests . key time for a session”.

Bodybuilding exercises in the gym

Jonathan Di Noto offers two exercises to reproduce on machines available in the weight room:

Exercise n°1: the knee lift on the dip bars . The latter are two parallel bars approximately at the height of the navel. “Leaning with your arms outstretched on the dip bars, raise your knees so that your thighs are horizontal. Then, perform knee lifts up to the height of your bust then release again until horizontal” describes the coach. “It’s an exercise that allows you to strengthen the rectus” , it is a vertical muscle of the anterior wall of the abdomen.
Exercise n°2: the lateral inclinations of the bust with dumbbell . “Take a dumbbell in one hand and stand up straight. On the side where the weight is, perform a side tilt to bring the dumbbell closer to your foot. Then straighten up and chain the repetitions. Don’t forget to do the other side”.

Jonathan Di Noto recommends for this type of exercise 3 to 6 sets of 12 to 20 repetitions, with 45 seconds to one minute of recovery.

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