The Mayo Diet is Effective for Weight Loss, But Is It Healthy? 

You’ve probably heard of diet mayo. Or maybe you’ve been through it? Many say a diet that relies on foods without salt can be effective in losing weight up to 5 kg in two weeks! Interested? 

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What is diet mayo? 

diet mayo

The mayo diet that has been around for a long time is a type of diet that mainly limits the consumption of carbohydrates and salt.

Those following the mayo diet will be required to comply with the existing rules and restrictions for 13 days. This diet promises weight loss of up to 7 kg during the 13-day cycle. 

Currently, many food caterers provide a 13-day diet mayo menu, if you pay attention, usually, the type of menu served is steamed or baked.

There is no rice, the menu is dominated by vegetables and protein sources. Do not forget that food is processed without salt. 

By researchers, this diet is also called a fad diet, which means that it has not been proven its health benefits, and its long-term effects are not known.

This mayo diet has nothing to do with the Mayo Clinic. Claims of rapid weight loss in diet mayo could be due to a drastic reduction in your carbohydrate intake. 

Why can you lose weight drastically because of the mayo diet? 

As the main energy source, carbohydrates in the body will be stored in the form of glycogen which is then used as fuel for your activities. When this glycogen reserve is depleted, the body will use fat as an energy source. 

 However, when your body still doesn’t get carbohydrates, over time the protein will be broken down to be used as an energy source. Because your body can’t store protein like it does carbohydrates, over time your body will become deficient in protein.

Amino acids can no longer be used to repair damaged body cells. The most visible sign when your body lacks protein is decreased muscle mass. This can make you look thin. 

What are the consequences if we limit salt intake? 

Limiting salt consumption in this diet is claimed to lose weight. This is not entirely wrong because salt is binding water in the body.

If you are familiar with the term bloating, aka the body “swells”, then salt is one of the causes of bloating. Or if you feel always thirsty after eating salty foods, the water-binding properties of salt are what is happening to your body. 

Diet mayo greatly limits salt consumption, so you can urinate frequently. This is because no salt can bind water in your body. Salt also contains sodium, an electrolyte compound that works to maintain fluid balance in the body.

Because there is no bound water and an increased frequency of urination, you experience drastic weight loss due to the loss of body fluids. 

Side effects of a salt-free diet 

One of the effects of the mayo diet is the yo-yo effect. When your 13-day mayo diet cycle is complete, you return to your old diet, and weight gain occurs.

Since the mayo diet only limits your calories without any overall lifestyle changes, then when you return to eating as before the diet, your weight also slowly returns to normal. 

Following the mayo diet for a long period is not highly recommended, because it limits certain types of nutrients and low calories make you susceptible to nutritional deficiencies. 

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