What should we eat while diet?

Asbabsehat When you want diet to be healthy and fit; the most effective, the most permanent solution; Eating natural and healthy foods. Of course, provided that it is in sufficient and balanced amount.

What foods should we consume for the easiest weight loss diet?

Meat, fish, chicken; At lunch or dinner, you should definitely have meat the size of your hand cooked on the grill, in the oven or in a pot.

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Cooked vegetables; You should eat 1 handful of cooked vegetables every day.

Bread; To get quality carbohydrates, it is enough to eat 2-3 slices of whole grain wheat or rye bread every day.

Milk, yogurt, kefir; Consuming 2 glasses of calcium group food a day is part of a healthy diet. The calcium in yogurt not only triggers fat burning, but also reduces edema and opens your circulation, making it easier to lose weight. When you mix yogurt with a seasonal green leafy vegetable such as parsley or purslane before going to bed at night, you will increase your metabolic rate and accelerate weight loss.

Fruit; Fresh seasonal fruit the size of your 2 fists provides great benefits for your metabolism and immune system.

“The banana diet or any fruit-focused single-fruit diet is not a permanent solution, and it harms your health and metabolism. An adequate diet that includes every food group should contain enough fruit.”

Raw vegetables, salad; The salad you eat with 1 fist of fresh seasonal vegetables at each meal will increase your weight loss speed and keep you full at the same time.

Oily nuts such as hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts; The healthy fatty acids in its content, especially omega-3, accelerate our metabolism and a diet that burns fat fast . It also makes us fit and energetic, and raises your level of perception. You should eat 1 handful of these nuts in between.

Don’t Take a Short Nap to Lose Weight

Do not panic to stay in fashion and lose weight fast. First, create your roadmap, don’t take shortcuts and risk your health!

Diet warns those trying to lose weight quickly by resorting to last-minute diets:

Do not panic to stay in fashion and lose weight fast. First, create your roadmap, don’t take shortcuts and risk your health!

The formula for losing weight is actually clear: eating a healthy, measured diet and creating your own diet, exercising, drinking plenty of water.

Losing weight is a process. To lose weight, you must follow a healthy eating program and life discipline.

Diet Recommendations for Those Who Want to Lose Weight;

Eat Less and Often: Your metabolism will be lively, not slow, and your blood sugar will remain in balance.

For Water: Water is the beginning of life and is necessary for the continuation of life. You should drink 8-15 glasses of water a day.

Don’t Eat Meat Visible Fat: Meat’s visible fat is rich in saturated fat and cholesterol. It threatens heart health. It makes it harder for you to lose weight, causing you to gain weight.

Consume Red Meat: Red meat is the best source of iron. The decrease in iron value in the blood decreases your life energy. Therefore, consume red meat at least 1-2 times a week.

Consume Fish 2-3 Times a Week: Fish protects heart health, strengthens cognitive function, and increases your metabolic rate with the omega-3 fats it contains.

Drink 2-3 Glasses of Milk a Day: Milk is the best source of calcium among nutritional sources. You should consume 2-3 glasses of milk and 1-2 slices of cheese a day.

Do Not Remove Cereals from Your Life: In order to lead a healthy life and lose weight, you should consume 5-7 servings of grain products such as bread, rice and pasta a day. Prefer whole grains in cereal products. Whole grain products constitute a healthy grain group due to the pulp they contain. Choosing whole grain breads instead of white bread and brown rice instead of white rice not only improves your quality of life, but also enables you to be successful in weight control.

Consume Dried Legumes Twice a Week : Dried legumes are rich in fiber and B vitamins. This group, which plays an active role in balancing blood cholesterol and blood sugar, should be included in your diet twice a week.

Consume Raw Vegetables Every Day: Raw vegetables have a very important place in our diet with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they contain.

Meet Your Dessert Needs From Seasonal Fruits: Consuming hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds and fresh fruit after meals or during snacks will meet your sweet needs and increase the health value of your diet. It helps in speeding up your metabolism.

Pay Attention to Sleep Times to Lose Weight

With summer, we need to get rid of our excesses and lighten up. The need we feel, both spiritually and physically, makes us look for ways to lighten up.

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Nil Şahin Gürhan; Emphasizing that getting rid of excesses is easier and less costly than carrying our excess weight, “Be careful with your sleep hours to lose weight, create a solid and realistic roadmap.” warned. Nil Şahin Gürhan said, “Individuals who are at a healthy weight have high life energies and when they reach the ideal weight, they get rid of most diseases. She shoppers happier because she spends less time on clothes. As you lose weight, it makes peace with mirrors and as it gets lighter, freedom of movement increases.” While making his statement, “The life energy of individuals who are overweight is lower and they need to spend extra energy for this. He is offended by the mirrors because he does not want to face his excesses. Because it is difficult to walk with excess weight, walking accelerates the emergence of some health problems and turns into torture for individuals.” Nil Şahin Gürhan reminded that it is easier to get rid of excesses than to carry your excess weight. “First, decide to get rid of the excess and create your realistic roadmap for weight loss.” He gave the following expert advice;

Diet Recommendations for Weight Loss;

1-) Your first rule should order and start by getting your meals in order.

2-) Make sure to have your breakfast when you . Have eggs, cheese, whole grain bread and lots of greens for breakfast.

3-) Eat little and often. Have 2-3 hours between your meals,

4-) If you eat vegetables for lunch, choose meat for dinner. Be careful not to eat it if the meat has visible oily parts.

5-) quality carbohydrates . Whether your bread is whole grain or rye. Avoid foods containing simple carbohydrates, such as white bread, pastries, and pastries.

6-) Have at least one bowl salad . Thus, you will meet most of your daily fiber needs and prevent constipation.

7-) Pay attention to your portions. Take the healthy foods you need to eat on your plate in a measured way and be careful not to go beyond the food on your plate.

8) Meet your sweet needs with fruits. Take advantage of the slimming effect of summer fruits. made from 2 scoops of fresh milk ice cream getaway .

9-) Make it a habit to drink water. every 2-3 liters of water Try to drink

for half an hour every day Do not forget to walk Walking is both enjoyable and helpful for weight loss.

to lose weight attention to sleep times . Take care to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep causes you to gain weight.


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