Why are Fruits and Vegetables Good for Our Health?

Asbabsehat Since childhood, most of us are often asked to eat fruits and vegetables and are told that the foods included in this list of 4 healthy 5 perfect can help us grow big and strong. Most of us remember when we were told that eating carrots can keep our eyes healthy. Some children like it and some don’t like to eat fruit and vegetables. Usually, sweet fruit and non-bitter vegetables are preferred by children.

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However, when we begin to understand taste, we will begin to like the many types of food that exist in the world. As adults, we begin to like the new flavors of natural foods and begin to realize how important it is to eat them. As in many things, we realize that all along, it turns out that what our parents say is true. Fruits and vegetables are the core foods for a healthy diet program.

The Eatwell Guide or guide on healthy food published by the British government recommends many natural foods. The benefits of the recommendation to eat five servings of fruit and vegetables a day were advocated by the British government in 2003 in a campaign called The five-a-day campaign is still felt to this day. Find out about the five healthy food groups here.

The urge to eat more fruits and vegetables is very beneficial. These natural foods provide so many vitamins and minerals that help our body develop. In addition, natural foods are also important for health, organs, and metabolic processes in our bodies

There are so many types of healthy fruits and vegetables that it is difficult to accurately describe all the nutrients they contain, and how these natural foods can protect, heal, and protect our bodies.


For example, did you know that kiwifruit contains more vitamin C than oranges? Both of these fruits also contain vitamin E and vitamin K. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid has so many benefits for the body such as supporting the growth, repair, and development of soft tissues.

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant (antioxidants will remove oxidizing agents or oxidizing agents that have the potential to harm an organism) which can help prevent many diseases; helps absorb iron; form collagen; helps wound healing, and much more.

Vitamin E protects our body from cell damage as well as is a powerful antioxidant. Therefore, this vitamin can help delay the aging process of our skin. The latter is vitamin K, which is very important for bone and heart health; Vitamin K helps blood clot and prevents calcium from settling in our arteries.

These are just a few examples of vitamins contained in one fruit. In addition, fruits also have the benefits are so great that it becomes the main food in our diet program! Don’t underestimate the benefits we can get for our bodies by eating the right foods because food is the key.

The amount of vitamins and minerals contained in the fruit does not seem to be able to count.

There is a reason why we need to eat natural foods produced directly by the earth; Apart from supporting our energy supply, these foods can also heal and protect the body. Now, we can eat more kinds of fruit.

Supermarkets or traditional markets in our city certainly provide many choices ranging from oranges, bananas, and apples to passion fruit and mangoes; we can take advantage of all the benefits that fruit can provide. Another example of a very good and nutritious fruit is the banana.

This fruit is a staple in the diet of many people and even babies love it! What are the benefits of this fruit that is identical to the yellow color?


are not just a source of carbohydrates and fiber; This fruit also contains minerals, potassium, and B6. Potassium allows the body to regulate water and acid in the blood and tissues.

This fruit is also good for building muscle, maintaining nerve performance, and helping kidneys filter blood. B6 is a mood regulator that helps the body produce two hormones called serotonin and norepinephrine. Both help prevent depression and deal with stress. If that’s still not enough, this fruit also helps our bodies to produce melatonin, which is a hormone to promotes a healthy biological clock and sleep patterns. Unlike bananas, passion fruit has different benefits.

Passion fruit is a great source of vitamin B3 (niacin) and iron. Vitamin B3 can improve brain and digestive function and help lower cholesterol and arthritis pain. It is very easy to eat colorful pickled fruits and eat different kinds of fruit every day. Fruits are very beneficial for us in many ways and help us naturally.


Now we turn to vegetables and, like fruit, there are many vegetables to choose from. The best way to group vegetables is by color and leaves. Green vegetables, especially leafy ones, such as kale, broccoli, and spinach are rich in vitamins C, K, and E, similar to kiwifruit but they are also high in calcium, B vitamins, and antioxidants. Examples of other vegetables that are very beneficial are orange and yellow vegetables which tend to be full of vitamins and minerals.

Vegetables such as corn, sweet potatoes, peppers, and carrots are rich in vitamin A (good for eye health and the maintenance of teeth, bones, and tissues), potassium, and zeaxanthin (prevents retinal damage), and flavonoids (which protect the brain).



are considered to be the best source of beta-carotene found in vitamin A so this vegetable synonymous with orange helps improve our vision in the dark! Carrots you can eat raw as a snack or can be juiced. That are some alternative ways to make carrots as your daily nutritional intake if you don’t like adding carrots in soups.

Walsh (butternut squash)

butternut squash

is also a great source of the above vitamins and minerals. This fruit is great as a soup, especially during the cold rainy season.

Red vegetables are also not inferior in terms of nutritional content. Tomatoes (though technically a fruit) are a great example. One tomato contains high amounts of lycopene, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

This vegetable is very good for the skin, can help prevent clogged pores and breakouts, and reduce blood pressure.
The Best Way to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Eating more fruits and vegetables is very good for the body. However, it would be better if you understand when and how best to consume these two natural foods so that you can get the maximum benefits for your health.

Fruits are best consume in the morning especially after drinking water, or every 30 minutes before eat and 2 hours after. The schedule for eating fruit does seem tight because, at other times, the nutrients may not be fully absorb by the body. However, there is nothing wrong if you like to mix yogurt or cereal with fruit. It is also important to eat fruit as soon as possible after cutting to prevent the loss of important antioxidants. In addition, fruit that is still fresh or frozen is better than canned fruit.

The same goes for vegetables.

Frozen vegetables will still contain a lot of nutrients but if they are chopped before freezing, the nutritional content will be reduce. The most important thing is to avoid cooking it by boiling it because most of the nutrients will be dissolve in the cooking water.

The best way to cook vegetables is to steam them but you can also grill as many Brits do. Interestingly, some vegetables do better when cooked, including the red vegetables (tomatoes) we discussed earlier that are high in an antioxidant called lycopene. The cooking process will break down the cell walls to produce more minerals. In general, making fruits and vegetables a staple food is one way we can be healthier and happier.

The benefits obtained by eating fruits and vegetables in the explanation above are still not all.

Each serving of fruit or vegetables may contain other benefits than those listed. It’s an amazing number of natural goodness and solutions provided by this natural food. Although we have a large selection of fruits and vegetables, it would be better if we buy seasonal produce locally. With this we can support local markets and agriculture reduce the use of plastic packaging. and reduce the distance traveled for these foods.

This doesn’t mean we have to stop eating fruits and vegetables that come from outside Indonesia, but if there are local products that are no less quality and more guaranteed freshness, why should we look for other products. In addition, no less profitable option is to grow it yourself. Indeed not all of us are lucky enough to have a yard or land close enough to our homes especially those who live in cities. But if possible growing fresh fruit and vegetables can be very rewarding and rewarding.

Understanding everything that natural fruits and vegetables need to grow and then benefit us is something we often forget in the modern world we live in This activity can relieve fatigue help save money reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our dependence on fast food.

These two natural foods are good choices if you want to live a healthier and happier life especially. If you want to reduce your consumption of fast food which. Not only has packaging that is difficult to decompose but is also not good for your health.

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